Currently, E-Wallet (Electronic Wallet) has been developed. In response to today’s world is a world of paperless. Many companies in many countries recognize the importance of conserving the world’s resources. So those companies attach great importance to the use of online systems. It also helps to reduce the risk of catching cash. Which is the source of various pathogens that can be touched by the hands of many people. Using a cash card system also helps to prevent your money from being lost or stolen. E-Wallet is an important part of a cashless society. Because we don’t need to withdraw cash from the deposit account, we can buy products or services. It makes us able to spend quickly and conveniently.

        Just have a smartphone with an application Can be used. No need to carry a lot of cash. There are accumulate bonuses, discounts, or cashback. As a result, a cash card system has become more active in businesses, both small and large businesses. And maybe able to compensate for future cash payments

       Payment by e-Wallet is to pay via smartphone. You can pay at various payment points such as Supermarket, Sky train, Coffee shop, etc. Which must be the shop that has the system connection. You can also use it for shopping online.

     “We offer a cash card system that already includes the Loyalty Management system. Which we implement for many enterprises in Thailand. such as restaurants, convenience stores, and spa etc. Our loyalty management system There are conditions for setting up campaigns to accumulate various bonuses. Suitable for many types of businesses. The e-wallet system is secure and reliable.

       Our Loyalty Management system can increase your business capability, make your marketing more interesting and help to attract more customers. Our system can set many conditions for setting up campaigns to accumulate bonuses. Suitable for many types of businesses. Flexibility, customer loyalty, attract customers to use again.

        In addition, we also have a back-end service that allows you to manage information. You can create bonuses and campaigns by yourself.

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