What we offer

Biometrics solution

       We improve the authenticate in the system by integration with face recognition and fingerprint scanner We offer a cash card system that already include Loyalty Management system. Which we implement for many enterprises in Thailand.

E-Wallet (HyLoyal™)

     We offer a cash card system that already includes the Loyalty Management system. Which we implement for many enterprises in Thailand. such as restaurants, convenience stores, and spa etc. Our loyalty management system There are conditions for setting up campaigns to accumulate various bonuses. 

3D Secure

     We support both 3DS 1.00 and 3DS 2.00 version, 3Ds 2.00 version Buit-In RBA module.


Fido Solution

      FIDO alliance is global industry collaborative dedicated to solving the password problem with no dependency on “Share Secret”. FIDO represents the efforts of some of the world’s largest companies whose very businesses rely upon better user authentication.Leading service providers representing billions of user identities are already FIDO enabling their authentication processes.


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The Best Partner

We love to learn a new product and sale progress to help our partners successful in the market, and we also love to share our experience with our partner to grow together in new area.

Flexible Integration

We have our development team to customize and implement new future with new technology.

Strong Experience

Our company has 10 year's experience in the banking business and big enterprise in Thailand. We can give you a consultant in cash card and Loyalty management system

Total Solution Provider

If you don't know how manage your problems just tell, we can provide the total solution to solve your problem with one team.

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